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The Band

Polka music was ever-present in the Busta household. Wedding dances, which often featured polka bands, were very common in the area communities of Spillville (IA) and Protivin (IA). 


Jim and his wife, Mary Lou, both enjoyed listening and dancing to polka music. They often took their four children—Lisa, Chad, Mollie, and Jason—with them to dances and festivals. The children all enjoy music and dancing. Two of the children, Chad and Mollie, are members of the Jim Busta Band. All of the children and Mary Lou have sung on several of the recordings.


Jim Busta

band leader | concertina | button accordian

Jim is the band leader of the Jim Busta Band. Jim began playing a button accordion at a very early age during his boyhood days on the family farm in northeast Iowa. 


At a later time, he became more aware of concertinas as bands from Minnesota and Wisconsin often used these instruments. The concertina became his musical love. Jim is a self-taught concertina player. Without a doubt, music and specifically, polka music, is his first and foremost hobby. 


Jim has been inducted in the Polka Club of Iowa Musicians Hall of Fame.(Leader, Concertina, & Button Accordion)

Jeff "Sparky" Biermann - retired member

tuba | electric bass | vocals

Jeff, from rural Cascade, IA, has been with the Jim Busta Band since 1981. “Sparky” comes from getting electrocuted on state at a polka gig. Sometimes, he's called the "gas man," but that's another story!


Jeff was active in junior-high and high school band. He attended and graduated from Northeast Iowa Community College. Jeff is employed as an auto body specialist in Dubuque, Iowa.


Jeff Biermann has recorded on all five of the Jim Busta Band recordings.


Chad Busta

drums | vocals | sound engineer

Chad, son of Jim, hailing from Onalaska, WI, joined the band at age 7 (1984), after practicing night after night in the Busta front entryway and filling in with the band here and there when he was 6. When he began, his father needed to modify the drum set so that Chad could reach the petals. Early in his career with the band, some dancers could hardly see if there was a drummer there since they heard a drum, but often could not see the drummer.


Chad musical studies included Junior-High and High School vocal music, saxophone and drums, and parts in various musical/drama productions. He attended and graduated from Wartburg College. While at college, he was a member of the Wartburg choir and also was a regular on the college radio station. Chad is a communications major, and now Chad works for Channel-8 television in LaCrosse where he is the Productions Manager. Chad also is a DJ and runs sounds for local groups and shows.


Mollie Busta

part-time member of the band

Mollie B (Mollie Busta), host of RFD-TV’s “Mollie B Polka Party,” has been performing all her life. Mollie started her career performing with the Jim Busta Band, while she continues to perform with the Jim Busta Band, she also performs with SqueezeBox, and many other bands.  Mollie has shared her many talents with fans in over 25 states and nine countries and continues to inspire young musicians with her love for music.   


Mollie took on the position as host and co-producer of the Mollie B Polka Party on RFD-TV in March of 2011.  The show had its first taping in June 2011 and the show aired for the first time on July 2, 2011.  The Mollie B Polka Party airs in over 46 million homes on RFD-TV on Wednesday at 6:30pm ET and Saturday at 10pm ET.


Mollie has won the title of the “Favorite Female Vocalist” award numerous times, both from the United States Polka Association and the International Polka Association.  She has also won multiple awards from the Polka America Corporation for her polka recordings with Ted Lange.  Mollie is now a member of four hall of fames, including the International Polka Hall of Fame and the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame.

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