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We love performing around the Midwest and many times the local media does stories about our family band.
"Busta polka is a family affair"

July 17, 2013


Sounds of polka music filled the grounds of St. Joseph Catholic Church on July 14 as the Jim Busta Band and Squeezebox performed at Farley’s Julyfest.


The music started as a hobby but came to be a career for two generations of the Busta family: Mollie Busta Lange of Squeezebox grew up playing with her father Jim.

"This year's Mollie B. Christmas Special to spotlight Busta Band "

November 12, 2012

The Mollie B. Christmas Special will feature local musicians Chad, Kennedy, Xavier, Jim and Mary Lou Busta along with Mollie Busta Lange on Sunday, Nov. 11, and Monday, Nov. 12, at RFD-TV The Theatre in Branson, Mo.

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