We miss our fans during this COVID pandemic.  We look forward to getting back with you very soon and dance the night away.  Stay tuned for future dates and special events we plan to offer.  Stay safe & healthy!  Our best days are when we can play polka music for all our great fans!

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The Jim Busta Band DVD is now AVAILABLE!

Place your order TODAY and enjoy several songs performed by the Jim Busta band LIVE on the "Mollie B Polka Party."


Musicians include: Jim Busta, Mollie B, Mark Heinz, Jeff Biermann, Chad Busta, Karl Hartwich, Jeff Langen, Nic Dunkel, Steve Kenny, and Ted Lange. You will also enjoy many dancers from the “Mollie B Polka Party".  



Go to our store and order your albums this Christmas!  Great stocking stuffers for the Polka lover in your family or for a friend!